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Ultimate Snow Generator

Ultimate Snow Generator

Ultimate Snow Effect Generator
+ Snow Customizer
+ Code Generator

(ActionScript 2 – all code is Object Oriented Programming)
Ready for Christmas and New Year Greeting Cards

Easy to use (ideal for Christmas and New Year cards):

This is very flexible and customizable snow effect generator, ideal for Christmas and New Year cards, or just to add new winter look and feel to your banner, site or any other flash project.
Very easy to use, just drag and drop snow clip in any part of your flash project (and copy classes in same directory as your FLA). This clip can be put in _root or in any Movie clip on any depth. It will work.
Look at examples in preview, to get idea of its flexibility and possibility of use.

Easy to Customize (Snow Falling and Snowflakes):

You can customize it and get many different snow effects.
Try customizer in preview, to create snow effect you like, or check examples of Christmas cards
You can change :

  • Number of snowflakes
  • Automatically resize it to parent, root, or to custom dimensions. Add it somewhere in your project and easy resize to root with these settings.
  • Snow falling speed
  • Start on full scale or increasing number of snowflakes like in real nature.
  • Call start or stop. (Making sequence of behavior over time, try start/stop buttons). You can control your snow effect on some actions in your project.
  • Resize snowflakes to custom size or random from limited range.
  • Set snowflakes alpha to custom value or random from limited range.
  • Set style (graphic) for snowflakes. Use some of our defined snowflakes or easy create new snowflake style. Just add another snowflake graphics on new frame or edit some old.

Easy to Change (Generate Code):

After you are satisfied with your snow effect, just click on generate button, and you will get the code that you paste in defined file. And that’s it.

Publish it and Enjoy in Christmas and New Year Holidays

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Flash Cards:


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