Ultimate XML 3D Thumb Wall Gallery

This is a 3D gallery that can be used as a 3D photo grid, a 3D photo album or a 3D image viewer in the shape of a 3D wall. It can have any number of images and any number of columns and rows (e.g you can have 10 columns and 2 rows). On a thumb click, it will enlarge, and you can also flip it to see a text on the other side (you can see this in the first example) or you can have the title near the photo (like in the second example). Gallery Features

XML driven
the entire color theme can be changed inside the XML file
supports all image files (png, jpg, gif etc)
set the thumb width and height
set the number of rows and columns
set the space between the thumbs
set the background color
set the image title or description text color and size
set the buttons color
FlashVar support with dynamic XML path name
Source code provided and highly commented
Advanced AS 3.0 coding and math
The performance of this product is very good, therefor you can have multiple thumbWall3D instances in the same page of your project or website
OOP code

Many other cool features!