ULTIMATE XML SLIDESHOW V1.0 - ActiveDen Item for Sale

A fully XML customizable slideshow module with individual slide timing and horizontal or vertical sliding.

Version 2 has been released!


  • Highly customizable slideshow
  • All options configurable via XML
  • Horizontal or vertical sliding
  • Individual sliding times for each slide in milliseconds
  • URL link on slide press (can be deactivated for each slide, no hand cursor shown then)
  • URL target for each slide
  • Caption text HTML formattable
  • Numbered Slide position/selection buttons
  • Sliding time progress bars
  • Play/Pause function to start/stop the auto slideshow

Easy Setup:

  • Add images to the “images” folder and edit the XML file.
  • Load the module .swf into your site.
  • Done! No need to edit actionscript code.

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