ULTIMATE XML V2 STAFF VIEWER - ActiveDen Item for Sale

The new ultimate series XML driven flash staff viewer component with easy setup and thoughtful resizing and customization possibilities.
HTML /CSS style formatted teaser with any size thumbnail and full content text with bigger image if desired.
This file can be used to fullfil various tasks from serving as a staff viewer to being a thumbnail gallery or news reader.

The package also includes example files for all kinds of usage:
Embedding into an existing flash stage, embedding into a HTML page (with an external XML file path).
Everything is explained in detail in the readme file.


  • Resizable width & height
  • Unlimited entries
  • HTML /CSS formatted teaser/full text
  • Autohide scrollbar
  • Scrollbar position memory
  • List entry height
  • Changable scroll amount
  • Title & Caption with changable colors
  • All options editable via XML
  • Includes editable source files Flash 8 AS2

XML Settings:

General Parameters:
<staff staffnamecolor="0x666666" entryheight="120" staffpositioncolor="0xCCCCCC" height="360" scrollamount="50" width="940">   
Entry Parameters:
<staff staffthumb="thumbs/n1.jpg" staffposition="Action Script Coder" staffname="JOHN SMITH" staffimage="images/staff.jpg">
    <teaser>TEASER HTML/CSS FORMATTED TEXT HERE</teaser>    
    <stafftext>MAIN HTML/CSS FORMATTED TEXT HERE</stafftext>

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