• Fully XML Driven.
  • Resizable map, you can change the size of the map directly in the HTML file.
  • Use multiple instances of the map on the same HTML page, change the xml path in the HTML file.
  • XML Main settings include: stage outline color, window target for URLs and colors for inactive states.
  • Change all other colors independently. Each state can have different colors, they of course can be the same color if you want.
  • Each state can have its own URL when clicked.
  • Activate/Deactivate each state independently. In the preview, UTAH is deactivated for example.
  • You can set the tooltip width independently for each state, the height is calculated automatically depending on tooltip content.
  • The tooltip content can be HTML formatted, so you can do anything you want as with the various examples of the preview. You can set it to just display the state name if you want, as in the NEVADA and MSSISSIPPI examples, or even don’t have any tooltip at all as in the TEXAS example.
  • States are sorted in alphabetical order in XML.
  • Full documentation included.

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