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Vertical Scroller Slideshow

Vertical Scroller Slideshow

The Vertical Scroller Slideshow displays multiple images(jpg, png, gif or swf ) that can be scrolled automatically or via a scrollbar. When scrolled manually, the scroller auto-snaps to the closest image. Each image has a link that opens when you click on it. Images and links are configured through an XML file.

Use it to show featured products on your homepage, or showcase your latest projects, or as the navigation to different sections of your website, etc!

  • Resizable (auto-sizes to the size you specify)
  • Have multiple items per screen or just one.
  • Auto scroll (optional) with adjustable scroll speed, and pause time
  • Auto snap (optional) to the closest image when scrolling. You can adjust the snapping speed.
  • Blur when scrolling (optional) with adjustable blur amount
  • Scrollbar (optional)
  • Easing. You choose your easing type: Back, Bounce, Elastic, Regular, Strong, None
  • Set a link for each image. Links can open in current window or a new window
  • Displays jpg, gif, transparent png or swfs with animation. They are centred and displayed at their original size.
  • Use flashVars to specifiy the xml location so you can have multiple instances on the one page with different configurations
  • No need to open the flash file. Everything is configured via XML.

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The icons used in one of the previews are free from http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/02/25/free-aqua-gloss-icons/ for any use.