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Vertical Smooth Portfolio

Vertical Smooth Portfolio

Vertical-scroll portfolio:

This is a fully XML driven vertical portfolio website, which you could readily use with little knowledge in Flash. What you need to do is change some parameters (mentioned in the help file) and you are done with your website.

The Entire Project is done using attaching movie clips from the library, all the linked movie clips are kept inside the folder linkage_clips

Using this Vertical Portfolio you can showcase the following features:
Full XML driven Vertical portfolio to showcase your portfolio or any thing. This Vertical portfolio loads external jpg, gif, PNG or Swf file with their respective description and URL redirection. You can easily customize the graphic to match you requirements.
- XML driven Slideshow where you can display your swf, jpg, gif, png with their descriptions.
- XML driven Portfolio album where you can have infinite images/swf by configuring the xml.
- Loads External Images jpg, gif, PNG
- Loads External SWF File
- Loads FLV-video file
- Contains PHP driven Contact Form
- Loads respective description and URL redirection
- Fully XML Driven, so you can change and update your content with ease

PHP driven contact form:
The description text is coming from XML To configure the PHP mailer with your e-mail id you just need to open the PHP mailer file and change the mail id to yours, where all mails would be redirected.
The Contact form is in a Movie-Clip, so to reuse the contact form just drag & drop it into your project & keep the PHP file in proper path.

Browser Control:
This creative portfolio website would fit any resolution; all the contents would fit in accordingly.
This creative portfolio website has a top bar which always remains at top and a bottom bar which fits at the bottom.

Full-browser image/texture Background:
you can fit high resolution image or texture background in this creative portfolio, you can also load external swf file as a background as well.

External MP3 file:
You can easily load your own background music.

Free fonts used in this creative portfolio are included.

Customized Right Click items.

You can set your Icon that comes on the browser tab.

So have it a go on this Full XML driven Horizontal Creative Website template and customize it accordingly to create different types of Creative Website.

Updates 06jan09:
There are few updates and fixes in the index.html file

Brand New Release

Horizontal Creative Portfolio

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