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Vertigo Facebook Banner Rotator Youtube and Vimeo

Vertigo Facebook Banner Rotator Youtube and Vimeo

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The documentation contains an image tutorial with all the steps you need in order to get Vertigo up and running on facebook.

Also it contains the settings XML file and HTML used on Vertigo facebook page.

VERTIGO FACEBOOK with Youtube and Vimeo

Vertigo Facebook Banner Rotator with Youtube and Vimeo was created having in cosideration that a rotator should have, beside text captions, video support for youtube, vimeo and normal stream, and also to have the possibility of FACEBOOK and WORDPRESS integration. After two months of development we are proud to present to you not another rotator but a Banner Rotator that will make you say “THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT !”.

Vertigo Facebook Banner Rotator with Youtube and Vimeo can be used in any website related with anything( media, portfolio’s, photographers, visual arts, fashion, architecture and pretty much anywhere you would like).

How would Vertigo look like on activeden.net first page ? See for yourself:

This banner rotator is highly reusable, XML driven and highly customizable. Also you can shape it to any dimension making this the perfect tool for you.

Examples and Documentation

The download package includes all the settings from all 3 demo’s and also the FACEBOOK settings that you saw on Vertigo facebook page.

READY TO GO folder called “deploy” to immediately start working on your project.

Also the DOCUMENTATION PDF file has all it’s properties explained so you easily adjust the banner.

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  • Fully re-sizable; supports any width and height values
  • HTML /CSS formatted text
  • Create your own CSS properties
  • An easy caption engine
  • Possibility to customize each text transition for each slide
  • Set individual time for each slide
  • Custom Video Player with Youtube and Vimeo
  • Easily change the player skin by modifying the library assets
  • Awesome list slide in/out effect
  • Custom list position: left or right
  • Custom list scrollbar
  • List thumbs numbering feature
  • Use only bullets with or without thumb tooltips( see demo 3)
  • Button list with thumbnails
  • Button list with auto-scroll
  • Awesome new slide transition: grid
  • Custom slide transitions effects: grid, fade, boxes, close, wave, horizontalStripes, verticalStripes, rectangles
  • Keep the ratio aspect of your images or re-size them to the banner size values
  • External link with target on the images: _self, _blank, _top
  • Selected effect on thumbnails: selectOver, alphaOver, grayScale, bitmapShine
  • Enable or disable the slide-show
  • Load your own background feature( you can disable the option if you don’t need it )

Images used have been purchased from Fotolia.com and are not included in the download source.

If you want them you can purchase them from the site listed above.

For questions and support please contact: support@flashcreed.com


General options
     text_css_link value = "assets/css/textStyle1.css" 

    component_width value="900" 
    component_height value="500" 
    banner_width value="740" 
    banner_height value="350" 
    banner_border_color value = "0xe6e6e6" 
    banner_border_alpha value = "1" 
    banner_border_thickhess value = "4" 
    keep_aspect_ratio value="false" 
    banner_background_color value = "0xffffff" 
    banner_background_alpha value = "1" 
    load_background_image value="true" 
    background_image_link value="assets/background/back.jpg" 

    image_tween_time value = "1" 
    timer_delay value = "2" 
    timer_enabled value = "true" 

    banner_shadow value = "true" 
    banner_shadow_color value = "0x000000" 
    banner_shadow_alpha value = "1" 

    banner_arrows_padding value="36" 
    banner_arrows_size value = "30" 
    banner_arrows_back_color value = "0xf2f2f2" 
    banner_arrows_sign_color value = "0x2b302d" 
    banner_arrows_border_color value="0xe6e6e6" 
    banner_arrows_border_thickness value="2" 
    banner_arrows_glow_color value="0xa2a2a2" 
    banner_arrows_glow_alpha value="1" 

    preloader_color value="0x2b302d" 

    numeric_font value="Helvetica LT Condensed" 
    numeric_size value="20" 
    numeric_color value="0x3a3a32" 
    numeric_back_color value="0xf5f5f5" 

    embed_fonts value="true" 
    list_position value="right" 
    list_hide value="autohide" 
    list_back_color value = "0xf5f5f5" 
    list_back_alpha value = "1" 
    list_height value="390" 
    list_columns value="2" 

    thumbnail_width value = "92" 
    thumbnail_height value = "92" 
    thumbnail_selected_color value = "0x2b302d" 
    thumbnail_selected_alpha value = ".5" 
    thumbnail_spacing    value = "6" 
    thumbnail_effect value="bitmapShine" 

    number_active value="false" 
    number_back_color value="0x0c0c0c" 
    number_back_alpha value=".2" 
    number_font_alpha value=".5" 
    number_font value="Helvetica LT Condensed" 
    number_font_color value="0xf4f4f4" 
    number_font_size value="40" 

    bullets_active value="true" 
    bullets_size value="30" 
    bullets_color value="0xf2f2f2" 
    bullets_selected_color value="0x2b302d" 
    bullets_spacing value="2" 
    bullets_border_thickness value="2" 
    bullets_border_color value="0xa2a2a2" 

    tooltip_active value="true" 
    tooltip_border value="6" 
    tooltip_border_color value="0x0c0c0c" 
    tooltip_anchor_dist value="12" 
    tooltip_anchor_height value="14" 

    border_thickness value = "5" 
    border_color value = "0x2b302d" 
    border_alpha value = "1" 
    txtcss    value="assets/css/videoPlayer.css" 
    txtembed value="true" 
    autoplay value="false" 
    autoresize value="true" 
    controllerhide value="true" 
    controllerhidesec value="2000" 
    controlsspacing value="10" 
    controlsglowactive value="true" 
    controlsglowcolor value="0xf4f4f4" 
    volumetext value="VOLUME" 
    defaultvolume value="70" 
    scrollbar_back_color value="0xf5f5f5" 
    scrollbar_back_alpha value="1" 
    scrollbar_color value="0x303030" 
    scrollbar_alpha value="1" 
    scrollbar_press_color value="0x686868" 
    scrollbar_thickness value="8" 
    scrollbar_handler_thickness value="8" 
    scrollbar_padding value="0" 

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