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As the title states, this drop down menu is easy to customize. The graphics and fonts can be changed in the library, the menus are configured via XML, and tweaking the layout can be done via configuration variables that are consolidated into one file.

See the preview for description of features!

Need Help?

Please read the README first!

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How can I take off the shadow in the menu?

Look for the drop shadow variables in classes/dropdownmenu/DropDownMenuConfig.as You should be able to set it to null, like:

static var MENU_DROPSHADOW: DropShadowFilter = null;

How can I have multi menus in the same site with different XML files?

The easiest way to do it would be to have create each menu as a different swf and load the swf at run-time.

Error: The class or interface ‘dropdownmenu.DropDownMenuItem’ could not be loaded.

You need to either add the “classes” folder to your actionscript classpath (in preferences or export settings) or move the classes/dropdownmenu folder into the same folder as your .fla

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