This Video Flash Template is the complete solution to showcase your videos, either your visitors use a PC or mobile / tablet device. Although a high complexity template, you may observe the high performance of this product. You can watch below a demo video to see how your website will look on a mobile / tablet device:

This Flash template uses deep linking: unique link for all the template pages. Template Features:

- Custom text windows: e.g. about and contact; windows that support formatted HTML text, you can add as many custom text windows as you need , the button label and text can be set for each of them.

- Contact window with a contact form (this can be disabled)

- Supports unlimited video collections (video galleries), if the menu is too large it can be scrolled with the mouse if it is a PC device or dragged with the finger if it is a mobile device.

- Supports unlimited number of videos for each created video collection.

- The template has a fluid layout it will look the same no matter the screen resolution.

- Capable of playing all Flash supported video formats.

- A feature that allows to hide all the interactive elements like buttons after a specific time of inactivity, this applies only when a video collection is opened to better view the video, if the mouse is over one, more than one or all of those elements will hide, the delay time can be configured and if you don’t like this feature it can be disabled.

- play/pause/stop buttons.

- The buffer time can be set for the streaming videos.

- Full Screen button (optional).

- mp3 sound playing in the background (optional).

Please note that you will observe many other features so please navigate into each section of this template to see everything.