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Viewer 360 Product Rotation

Viewer 360 Product Rotation

Viewer360 loads a sequence of unlimited number of images of any size (photos or 3D renders) and allows the user to rotate and zoom. You can use it in a e-commerce, inside your flash website etc.
Note: Mouse Wheel zoom is not active in the preview but it is supported.

Bug Fix: A bug occurring when resizing the viewer was fixed
Update: now its possible to adjust form XML:
loader text color, loader bar color, loader bar background color
Update: added an option to hide the zoom slider. It’s possible to define your configuration XML file with flashvars.


  • XML powered
  • no Action Script knowledge required
  • unlimited number of images
  • use images of any size ( it automatically fits the images in the viewer keeping the proportion )
  • mouse wheel zoom
  • file formats JPG and PNG

You can configure the following settings:

  • viewer size
  • image name and directory
  • set the array of images in the SWFObject from an external source (PHP for example ) and still use your other XML settings
  • colors of the loader elements
  • color of the sliders
  • size of the sliders
  • mouse wheel – enable/disable
  • mouse wheel speed
  • zoom slider – show/hide
  • zoom amount
  • background color

Files included:

  • Source Flash CS3 file
  • Source Action Script 3 file
  • XML configuration file with every element described.
  • Example of loading external image array with SWFObject

XML file:


1. loaderBarColor
2. loaderBarBackgroundColor
3. loaderTextColor
4. slidersColor
5. slidersBackgroundColor
6. slidersBackgroundTransparency
7. backgroundColor
8. loaderBackgroundColor
9. loaderBackgroundTransparency