A ready to go flash game!

World is facing a virus epidemic, can you save us all? Virus Purge is a casual puzzle/action flash game made with AS3 where you need to kill viruses with antidote and by causing chainreactions kill them all and proceed through levels! Game is suitable for everyone.

Game has 14 levels, 8 different viruses & scores. You can easily edit most of the game just by editing graphic files. Even the levels for the game are loaded from a single .gif! How easy is that!

Full feature list:

  • Fun casual action game with original idea!
  • Created with Adobe Flash CS4
  • Commented AS3 code!
  • Mainmenu, How to play screen, Social buttons, Game levels, Outro screen
  • Graphics are free to use.
  • Small game file! (316kb)
  • Wavy effect to blow players minds!
  • Tiles are in single tilesheet file for easy edit!
  • Sprites are in single spritesheet file for easy edit!
  • Readme file to help you edit the game!

Note: Sound effects are NOT included!