Webcam recorder with preview

Webcam recorder with preview - ActiveDen Item for Sale

Webcam recorder is application that allow you to record directly video from your webcamera to stream server. And after you can easy to play. Its works with all popular stream servers such as RED5 , WOWZA, FMS!

Application support next flashvars:
“filename” – your video will record with this filename
“redirectPath” – this is url on which user will be redirected after he click on “Send” button.
“timelimit” – variable in seconds; recording limit in seconds.
“cameraWidth” – resolution for camera, width. 640 default
“cameraHeight” – resolution for camera, height. 480 default;
“cameraFPS” – frames per second. 18-20 value recommended; 20 is default;
cameraQuality = what more important quality of image or frames per seconds; if you put 99 then quality of image is more important. 80 – default value;
“rtmpPath” – it’s a path to your stream server. (e.x. rtmp://fms_ip/vod)

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