Whack those pesky moles with your mighty mallet! This is my rendition of the classic whac-a-mole! Arcade game. Move the mallet using the mouse, click to hit the moles on their heads. There are several mole types, each with it’s own attributes and score. Try to get the highest score before time runs out.

Coded with Actionscript 3.0

  • 100% vector graphics. Smooth tweened animations.
  • Entire game packed into a single movieclip, auto centers.
  • Easy to resize, works perfectly in any dimensions.
  • Many customization options for tweaking the level of challenge the game provides.
  • Add any number of moles and place them anywhere on stage. They will resize according to their position to give a feeling of perspective and behave independently.
  • Easily customize the colors of the moles. </MENU>

    The font used in the halloween theme is Double Feature, made by david-shetterly

    The font used in this game is akaDylan Plain, made by akaType.

    The sounds are courtesy of the free sound project.

    Credits go to these authors for their great sound samples: Mikejedw , suburban_grilla , FreD__tok , Hell_s_Sound_Guy , dreamoron , volivieri , tommon.

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