wildwise "3d like" engine + XML dynamic news

wildwise "3d like" engine + XML dynamic news - ActiveDen Item for Sale

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This is what my “3D like engine” can be for a “news section”.

News come from an XML file and can be changed/added so easily you could fall in love with me :)

Every graphic can be changed and moved easily in the FLA . Just replace in the library. So easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

This version only uses the X axis engine, but like the other version you can see by clicking here , you can apply the same moves to the Y axis with some AS knowledge.

Some extra sounds and animations are included !!!
Click on the red light and see/hear a Porsche Carrera GT 911 at 200MPH !!! :) If you don’t click, it’s randomized and it happens sometimes… You’re so lucky I think about everything :D
Look at the smoke effect thats goes out the swamp sometimes. Isn’t it nice ? That’s not a “real” question, just say YES IT IS !
No you don’t have hallucinations ! News do appear with a typewriter effect !

What more can I say… Thanks to 0h. ENJOY ! :)

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