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wildwise "3d like" engine

wildwise "3d like" engine


Any question after reading what follows ? Ask me !

Here is a website I made with this effect : click here

The SWF is quite heavy (540kb), because of the SFX png files, and there’s no preloader, so just be patient :)

A lot of parameters can be modified very easily (number of layers, easing speed…).

If you want to activate Y axis to adapt this code to another file, just set the yAxis var to “true;”
This design is only adapted for X axis moves, but the engine can do both.

In each “couche” MC, there’s an “invisible background” which is larger than the entire content of the “couche”.
That’s what the engine considers, to calculate moves of the “couche” MC.
More your invisible background is big, more the MC will move.
That means bigger it is, more it seems to be on the foreground. Smaller it is, more it seems to be far.
This invisible background, or your content, has to be at least the size of the mask.
If it is the same size it won’t move, it seems to be the skyline, so it has to be your last couche (all other couche layers have to be above this one).

You can add as many couche as you want and as your computer can calculate without getting heat :)
Just copy the code of a couche, increment numbers, then name your new MC as “coucheX” (where X is your new number).

Everything in the FLA is commented !

Enjoy !

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