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wildwise Ultimate mp3player

wildwise Ultimate mp3player

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Here is the standalone mp3player that you can find in my Ultimate Portfolio v2 HERE . It now sticks to where you want it to stick (center, right, bottom etc… ) and slides with ease. It’s provided with a resizing video background

MP3 player

That’s really simple to use and doesn’t even need an XML file. Just need to prepare your MP3 files and ID3 tags.
You can drag and drop it to any of your AS2 project. Just think to copy and modify (to make them fit to your new project) actions which are on the root of the fla, and to copy your mp3 folder and PHP file as well.

1. HOW TO prepare your MP3 files
- Here is the way to name you MP3 files correctly :
The 5 first characters of the name of the file are dedicated to order your MP3s in the playlist.
Then arrives the name of your song.
Finally, it ends with the extension ”.mp3”
For example: 00001mySong.mp3
the 5 digits allows you to add till 99 999 songs. The MP3player will order the files in the playlist according to this number.
The extension ”.mp3” allows the PHP file to browse the directory, to pick all the ”.mp3” files, then to send all file names to flash.

- Here is the way to prepare your mp3’s ID3 tags :
They will appear in the scrolling text once a MP3 is loaded.
Go to your favorite MP3player on your computer (mine is winamp). Open the files you’d like to put in your flash MP3player.
Now you can edit ID3 tags by right-clicking your file name and click “view file info” (always in winamp huh ? I don’t know how works the other players, but it should be the same).
Fill the ID3 v1 and v2 fields, save, and that’s it !
The flash MP3player will load and display the title, the artist and the year of the song !
If ID3 tags are not filled, the textfield will display the name of the mp3 without digits and extension (“mySong” in my example).

2. HOW TO organize your MP3 files
- Put your MP3s in the mp3 directory.

3. WHAT ARE this MP3player’s features ?
- AUTOPLAY (can be activated in the options)
- TYPING TEXT INFORMATIONS ABOUT SONG AND TIME (can be turned off in the options)

In the “extras” movieclip, on the “actions” layer, first frame, are some global vars you can change to make this player fit to your needs.
- typewriter effect activation
- typewriter effect default speed
- default volume
- default buffering time
- autoplay
On the root of the fla, “calque 4” layer, provide the sizes of your fla, so the mp3player movement will be adapted to your scene.
You also can modify the speed of the player’s movement and the default alignment of it on the page.

5. WHERE ARE these wonderfull watermarked MP3s from ?
- you would like to get these great tracks for your own without the FD watermark, for a very cheap price huh ?
Go to the Den of my friend Adrien (ADG3 Studios), he has got some bombing sounds ! HERE – Or, you can check the tracks I used in this file directly:

- Posledniy Kaif
- Touching Shadows
- Vox Electronix
- Pegasus
- Trance Elated

Resizing Video Background

Don’t change names and locations of bgVideo.flv, unless you also change them in the FLA file.

WHERE IS this wonderfull watermarked background video from ?
- you would like to get this great looped video for your own without the FD watermark, for a very cheap price huh ?
Go to the Den of my friend xdozex, he has got some beautifull loops ! http://activeden.net/user/xdozex


Fonts used in this website are free and can be downloaded on www.dafont.com. They are called “grixel kyrou” and “bitdust one”.


Made by wildwise studio with Flash8 (AS2)
- Thanks for buying my file(s).
- I am available for support when a bug is reported. When this happens, usually, I send a fixed version to my buyers and the file is updated by the FlashDen Team.
If you need to adapt any application to your needs, you need to have knowledge in Flash and ActionScript coding.
I am only available to adapt an application to your needs based on its hourly rates.
As described in my profile I am available for freelance work.