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Awsome banner rotator!!!

I still love this !

What can i say ? (: nice one and AS3 option nice …...

Thank you, guys!

Very good one !


I keep being asked to download flashplayer rather than playing it, the swf file plays fine, only when its in the html file it wont work on any browser what would cause this ? really cool too by the way!!

Ah got it sorted, just recoded the flash bit to point directly to the xml and swf file, cool, thanks!!

Just one last question, do you have a cs2 flash version, I only have the cs2 flash version here,, and can’t open the cs3 thank you! jony.

Hi Jony,

I believe, there is nothing like Flash CS2 , are you talking about Flash 8?

If so, then I am sorry, Flash CS3 doesn’t allow to save in older versions of flash. If you really need this, let me know, I think that I would be able to remake everything in Flash 8.

Regards, Kamil Waheed

I want to change rotation=”RANDOM”, what am i gonna right there?

You just need to write ‘rotation=”RANDOM”’ for each entry in the XML , which is already written by default in the XML .

I dont want Random, what am i gonna write? :)

Oh, then you need to write the angle of rotation(in degrees) that each image will have. For example, if you want no rotation i.e. 0 degree rotation for each image then you may write this:


Great stuff! very slick ;)


Hi Kamil,

I didn’t get what you wrote about that script. Where can I set the sound in the xml? Where is the fixed pack, what you wrote me in the mail? Could you send me?? :confused:

Thanks, Szabolcs

Hi Szabolcs,

Well, I sent you the fixed pack right after you sent me the email through Activeden. I sent that to you in reply to your mail. I guess, you didn’t check your inbox of the email address that is registered to Activeden. Let me send that again to your other address.

- Kamil Waheed

I got! Great job! Thanks!



Maybe a stupid question, but can you tell me how to resize the project?

Thanks Jason

Hi Jason,

Just set the width and height of flash object in your webpage and the flash will automatically resize. Contact me through this page if you need more help.

- Kamil Waheed

Another question: how to add music ?

Email me through this page.

It’s not possible to change the text captions right in the XML ?

Oh didn’t saw the text was images; would it be possible to make the applet get the text from XML ? I’m willing to pay for this new feature