Word Puzzle Game Multi-Language XML/AS3


This is a great word game with many features. To the player it is presented a text which contains gaps that have to be filled in with the right text fragments. The text fragments in question can be easily dragged and dropped. The component allows texts in hundreds of languages including English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and many more. This game can be used in the classroom. The game is set up through an easily to create XML file. You can define in this file:
  • As many exercise pages as desired.
  • A page consists of an unlimited number of paragraphs. A text fragment that has to be found is simply declared by surrounding it with a “find” tag.
  • The game can be in “exam” and “regular” mode. In exam mode the hint functionality is disabled. (The light bulb is not available).
  • Whether the user will have after the game the option to submit his/her results to your database. If yes it is submitted the number of faults, email address, score, time, date of play, puzzle identifier and percentage completed without help of the hint functionality.
  • Whether the exercise pages presented should be in original order (like in the XML) or should be shuffled randomly.
  • If you have in your XML e.g. 20 exercise pages you can say that e.g. only 5 should be randomly selected out of them and presented to the player. (This way it is possible to have every time different exercises).
  • You can set a time limit for solving the puzzle.
  • You can define the weight of the time in the finally calculated high score.
  • You can set the path to the PHP files.
  • Every puzzle has a unique identifier.

Updates are free for buyers. Enjoy this creation from Devarai!


The sound files are from the Free Sound Project (www.freesound.org)