Word Twist game is a learning game for children and adults. User can play game by using the random alphabets and make any complete word. You can see white boxes on the left side there is the condition, how much word should be made for win the game. For example there are three rows of white boxes on left side then you need to make three words for win the game. In the white boxes you can see number of boxes in each line. For example when you see five boxes in one row then you needs to make a word which should be have five alphabet character.

Coding is simple and nicely organized in fla file. You can customize this game design and logic according to your requirements. You can easily load this game in any swf file.

Main Settings

  • Set Lives
  • Set random words selection
  • Change sound eaisly
  • Keep high score
  • You can change or modify help text in XML file.

Assets Info

MC Tween:
MC Tween is used for tweening. It’s free and available for free download.

You can download it from below link:
Download MC Tween