An interactive world map with uniquely-styled elements including: 3D lighting on mouse movements, animated crosshairs, and decoding text. This is designed to be small enough to be used as a map component on a larger web page – perfect for identifying your company’s office locations around the globe or illustrating geographic data.

Three pre-published versions of this map are included with different colors for the 3D background map: traditional colors (tan/blue), light colors (white/gray), and dark colors (dark gray/black). (Note: The 3D maps are composed of raster images and are not intended to be scaled up.)

This world map is driven by an easy-to-modify XML file. Simply open the XML in your preferred text editor and change settings as desired. Following is a list of the settings that can be customized by modifying the XML :

  • Color settings: frame border color, crosshairs color, text colors, text drop shadow color
  • Sound effect (turn on or off)
  • Unlimited number of unique map points with the following customizable parameters:
  • Name of map point (first line of text)
  • Description of map point (second line of text)
  • Location of map point (x and y coordinate)
  • Size of map point (radius of circle)
  • Fill color and fill alpha transparency of map point
  • Edge color and edge alpha transparency of map point
  • URL links for each map point (including link target type)

FLA file in CS3 format, ActionScript 3.0 code, uses Caurina Tweener engine. Flash Player 9 or higher.

(Note: The fonts used in this file are Arial (Bold) and Arial (Narrow), standard fonts on both PCs and Macs. These fonts are not included in the downloadable files. Other fonts can be substituted if desired by modifying the FLA file. Font styles are not controlled through the XML .)