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XML 3D Cube Image Rotator

XML 3D Cube Image Rotator


More preview:

2 XML example


Add random cube transition option.
Feb.3.2010: Added optional random cube transition.

Features include:

  • XML driven content, 2 XML example with 17 settings are included in the source.
  • Optional button alignment: left or right.
  • Optional cube transition direction: vertical, horizontal, or random.
  • Driven by pure AS3 document class.
  • Optional button layout style: vertical or horizontal.
  • Optional XML location.
  • Optional background via HTML .
  • Optional image size.
  • Optional autoplay slideshow and delay second.
  • Optional arrow button navigation.
  • Optional slideshow button.
  • Optional motion blur.
  • Optional button highlight background color.
  • Optional link style: _blank, _self or _parent.
  • Support many file type: jpg, png, gif and swf.

Some screenshots:

(click the image to open the preview link) preview preview

Screenshots of XML :

    width="500"  // width of the image
    height="240" // width of the image
       cubeRotation="vertical" // the cube transition in the vertical|horizontal rotation
    buttonLayout="vertical" // align the buttons in the vertical|horizontal
    buttonColor="0x0066FF" // the button's highlight color
    buttonAlign="right"     // align the buttons in the right|left
    buttonXMargin="-4"   // the buttons x margin, used for little correction
    buttonYMargin="8"    // the buttons y margin
    motionBlur="yes"  // motion blur or not 
    blueValue="8"     // the motion blur value, bigger is more blur
    autoPlay="yes"    // autoplay slideshow or not
    showArrowButton="yes"   // display the arrow button in the stage or not  
    showSlideButton="yes"   // display the slideshow button in the stage or not
    slideButtonX="12"    // the x position of the slideshow button
    slideButtonY="12"    // the y position of the slideshow button
    delay="5" // slideshow delay second                                                                                 
    target="_blank" // how to open the link                                                                                 

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