Update on:14 OCT 2010
Showroom capture Text BUG fixed.

Download File
Includes seperate source files for each Skin.

XML ART Templates
XML ART Templates Deeplinking powered with ASUAL SWFAddress.

Template Overview

All part of this Template Contents can be customized via XML files, check the Online Help for a detailed instruction.

Template Colours:
1- Design Colour is fully dynamic [Painting Template: E62225 – Photography Template: CC66CC ] and it can be change in TemplateColour.txt
2- Text Colours comes from CSS files
so feel free to change them without opening FLA file.

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They are simply external flash files that can be easily edited via XML and CSS or completely reeplaced with your new ones.


This Flash module let you put unlimited Photos under Gallery categories and load each of them with a Deeplink URL .
A good solution to show the Selected Photo of the week on your Start Page


with scroll Thumb Menu and SlideShow brings you maximum Comfort during Photo viewing.

External Link

Here you be able to set your Blog or any other External Link.

MP3 Player

A simple player design that loads and play unlimited Songs via XML .

With Special Thanks to
- A.Ghafary for Beautiful Paintings
- B.Ghafary for great Photography
- ADG3 , Bluegestalt and Musicant for great Musics