You can work on live on the builder Swf and set all parameters on live ,once you satisfied click the update Xml copy the setting as is in to your original Xml and you are done. Support video + sound optional loop or number of play +vol` set .

Very light only 6kb.

Support image, Swf ,tile,video(.flv) ,you can also colorize your object selected no matter if its video or external Swf color will bland with your background . 4 option stage align or go custom size with stage X&Y support + re-size function build in on all function.

Setting Xml

  • background type =”name will set to- image, swf ,video(.flv) ,tile
  • add_grid=”yes/no”
  • strength=”number set alpha this is for image, swf ,video”
  • stage_align=”TL,C(center),Custom,Stretch”
  • width&height=”Number (if set to stage_align=Custom)”
  • X&Y=Number (if set to stage align=Custom)”
  • grid color set hex”4 option red_multiplier ,green_multiplier,blue_multiplier,alpha_multiplier”
  • grid_strength=”number set alpha for Grid”
  • grid_pattern_x &y =”number set pattern X&Y from 2-5”
  • buffer_time=”number set
  • time_play=”number set 0=loop 1= play 1 time
  • Enjoy