Update 3:
As you can see in the preview, this file now contains 2 versions of the banner rotation system. I decided not to release V2.0 as a seperate file, but include it in this file. So you get 2 for the price of 1.

Great new update 2:
First the movieclip had to be manually resized. You can now set the size of the banner movieclip from the XML file.

This file has been updated:
Now with a better loading scheme, which makes it a lot more fluent!

Info: An easy to use and customize Banner Rotation System driven by XML. This file allows you to make a slide show of all your affiliate banners. Even making each banner clickable with its own URL. You can also set the display time for each banner seperately. So in your XML file you set:
  • The path to the image.
  • The URL for when the banner is clicked.
  • The time you want the banner shown in seconds.

The actionscript uses the tween class to fade from 1 banner to another.

The size of the banner is easily changed to any size you want. The rotation system is a movieclip, that you can drag to the stage and it will work automatically.

It supports jpg’s, png’s and swf’s, as long as they do not have any transparency. Cause the banners are loaded in 2 layers and with transparency you could see 1 through the other. For swf’s you would have to place a solid rectangle on the background to avoid transparency.

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