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Hello again,

why is there no support? Neither here, where it is supposed to be, nor when i mail to “digitalscience”?

i need banner width in 800px, boundry width in 140px, so all in all width 940 px. Banner and Boundry height both 400px.

In the AS Code you can enter on first frame:

// Set your banner width and height of the image here bannerWidth = 800; bannerHeight = 400; // Set scrolling menu boundry boundryWidth = 140; boundryHeight = 400;

this are the changes i made, but it worked nothing. i have no idea, also messing around with stage and movieclip sizes dont do a thing?

sorry, but what to do?? i purchased that thing and i think support should be inside?


Well this is the right place for support, as stated in my email auto reponse and message above this page regarding support.

If you want to resize this file. Adjust the document stage width and height. Then set the parameters you mentioned to the correct values. And then you might need to reposition and resize some of the flash elements. With some basic flash knowledge and some trial and error this will be easy to resize.

kaukita Purchased


Great file, but I’m having a problem. When I download the file and open the swf I can only see the Lorem ipsum part of the “intro” or title of the buttons. Any idea why?

Thank you!


dmfritts Purchased

Hey digitalscience, great rotator!

One problem, when I open the fla in CS4 , even if I do not make any changes, when I republish the swf, the titles no longer show up. All other text shows up correctly. I thought it might be a font issue, but I have all the fonts that came with the rotator installed correctly. I want to change the link target from blank to self and make a few other changes, but I haven’t been able to do that since it removes the title text from the swf.

Any thoughts?

vathyam Purchased

hi, Yesterday I purchased this item. I noticed the default size is about 590×300. When I try to shrunk it to 450×300 I noticed the numbers and popu-up message on the image in the left hand side bottom got stripped.

Also, I have one question is it possible to make the popup info matter clickable?

Thanks Ganesh

I only have Flash mx, I just wanted to make sure this works with mx before I purchase. I know it says it does, but I have across problems before. Also is there a way to customize the size to be 762px x 204px.

Thank you,

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Is it possible to change the menu color? I’ve managed to change the select color but I’m having difficulties changing the black menu color. Thanks!

Hello, I am trying to embed it into my site www.CDKEYS.com.au

But when I do it, it only shows the black square and 1 or 2 buttons

please help


Have you moved the html, swf and content folder with XML ? they need to all be in the same location, otherwise your XML will not load. ie keep the directory structure intact.

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Hi Digitalscience,

Great file. Is there any way to have the menu boxes on the right link to a url? I’m looking for the slideshow to run, but if someone clicks on an item on the right, instead of going to the relevant image on the slider, it goes to a url?

Any help much appreciated?

the team


That’s would involve some custom work, you can send a request to our custom department

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I need a little help here.

I need to load the images from the librabry.

How can I do that?

I having some troubles trying to figure that out.

Thank you.

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First off, great banner! Second, is it still not possible to make this random when first loaded?

If not, is this something that needs to be submitted to the custom department or is it truly not possible?



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I posted a message here and then 2 emails- all of them 2 weeks back. I am yet to hear back! :X

Asvin Purchased


Great work!

I modified the xml file (which i write in with php), to have a target specified. Modified the actionscript code to allow that.

Changed Line 51 to:
getURL(Link[ID], Target[ID]);

Added line 145:
Target[i] = xmlNode.childNodes[i].attributes.Target;

Added line 297:
Target = [];

And the XML line would be:
<item delay="3000" target="_self" link="http://activeden.net" image="content/image1.jpg" />

Hey Digital Science,

All was working wonderful, but when we ended up adding several entries, the scrolling started acting funny. It never did this until we entered a certain amount. Should we just limit how many banners we add into it?