Update released! (14th Nov. 09)

Added external flashvars XML file including embedding examples.
You no longer need to compile multiple versions of the file if you want to use more than one rotator.

Important Note:

I replaced V1 of the XML BANNER ROTATOR PACK with V2. All customers can redownload the file for free in order to recieve the latest version.

It’s time for V2 of my popular XML BANNER ROTATOR PACK V1 .0 this time with more features, more customization options and increased flexibility!

This banner rotator pack is, just like its predecessor, aimed at those of you who want a convenient banner advertisement display solution (although it can also be used as a regular image viewing rotator):

These are the improvements from V1 to V2:

  • Banners are not a static timeline animation anymore but completely code generated
  • Banner dimensions (width and height) can be set via XML
  • Horizontal or vertical transition can be set via XML
  • Transition time can be set via XML (duration of the flip effect)
  • Transition type can be customized (linear transition, bounce effect, etc…)
  • Blur amount & quality can be controlled via XML
  • Loaded file type is automatically detected (images are loaded smoothed)

General Features:

  • Unlimited Images
  • All options editable via XML
  • Can load Images and SWF files (images are smoothed automatically, swf’s are detected)
  • Resizable to any dimension
  • Individual banner show timings
  • Vertical and horizontal transition
  • Fully customizable transitions
  • Includes editable source files Flash 8 AS2
  • In depth instructions on setting up your banner
  • HTML & Flash embedding example included

XML Settings:

General Parameters
<banners bluramount="2" canvasheight="200" transitiontime="1.5" blurquality="3" transitiontype="easeInOutExpo" canvaswidth="200" random="false" direction="horizontal">
Slide Parameters
<banner urllink="http://audiojungle.net" urltarget="_blank" urlactive="true" timevar="1500" piclink="images/200x200_FD.jpg" />

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