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what does “Supports multiple banners” mean? Does it mean that I can have a banner on several html sites on the same website?

thx. Ebbe pedersen, Rasthof designbureau

I recently inquired about your customization services and apparently i have no received a response. i wanna know before i purchase this particular banner rotator. Actually its 3 of them. Its just width and height adjustments.

zire Purchased

Hello, i bought your great Banner rotator and it wirkds fine so far.

I have just one problem, when trying to load it into a facebook page with FBML , only the bumber buttons and the pause button are shown.

I adjusted the path inside the XML to absolute paths as well as the path to the XML file inside the flash file. Can you help me or have a hint (maybe i forgot an important path), why it doesnt work for me?

patts000 Purchased

Whats up DS, i need some customization on this one. Holla @ me when you get a chance.

hql Purchased

Ive just bought this item, and Im trying to put this in my vbulletins homepage, i got it to display via the code

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" id="large_item_preview_container" height="300" style="visibility: visible;" data="../banner/preview.swf" width="590"> <param name="base" value="../banner/" /> <param name="wmode" value="opaque" /></object>

But this wont display the banner in internet explorer, see: http://i41.tinypic.com/2mradyv.gif

I need the code to add this to my page just like the preview is above on your item page, how can i do this please?


hql Purchased

Ive also tried absolute links in XML as i thought that was the reason nothing was appearing, but it still wont work, am I supposed to copy all the HTML or is it a specific part only?



Please read my General FAQ there could be many reasons why this is happening. Such has outdated plugin, XML errors, path referencing issue, incorrect HTML code, missing files etc.

hql Purchased

How can i send you a PM with the link of the site to see for yourself? I have read your FAQ again today, but still cannot understand what is going on.

The plugin is working perfectly as its tested on many sites, the html as ive asked before, you didnt answer that part of my question,


hql Purchased

double post, please delete this

i was toying around with this and trying to find a way to get the copy to actually be an image. it would be a before picture that appears when you activate the info box.

is this possible with your banner?


bikic Purchased

Thanks for a perfect banner rotator!

I have a question. Is there any chance to have the menu at the right and create it from right to left?


mikal Purchased

Not sure if I will get an answer to this its been a while since released but..

1. I changed the size of the fla canvas not the mc 2. I changed the action script to show a new size like 1000×306


It works well but the when it springs over to the over to the right. the buttons are out of view. Only to come back in view once it starts over.

Could I be missing something?


r3global Purchased

Once upon a time my xml banner was awesome, then someone asked me to change the target code within the action script to “_parent”. Knowing nothing about Flash, I found the proper place to change with within a few hours.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anything but now, after publishing my change there is a inside boarder surrounding my images within the banner, and the image doesn’t stretch.

By not stretching, I mean that the image used to be the background for the whole rotator and the buttons used to be positioned over the image. Now the image comes down about 80% from the top and stops, and below the image the buttons reside.

What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it?

I like this file but I am running into some issues when loading SWF ’s which have preloaders (files around 100-150kb). I have preloaders in the content SWF , it seems to stutter and jerk/flash on for a few frames on the preload scene (the circle also starts turning then chugs back a few times also).

I’ve moved the preload content off the visible area for now, so it preloads correctly but just displays a black area, i’d prefer to have some kinda loading feedback.

please help!!! :)


Send me a link view my profile page so i can see what is happening.

Is there a way to keep the info bar on all the time without having to scroll over the info button to see the details?

sleonard Purchased

I had a question on the pre-loaders. I was wondering can a pre-loader load on top of an image and when finished the next image would appear? Rather then the images fades then the pre-loader appears and then the new image appears.

Here is the link to the banner I’m working on: http://www.oneindustries.com/defaultTESTING.aspx

Here is the example of what I’d like the pre-loader to do. http://www.oneindustries.com

Not sure if this code can do it, but thought I’d ask since I’ve spent quite a few hours playing around with the code.

Thanks for you time

JonPSaxe Purchased

Hi. I like your banner rotator, and I just bought it. While implementing it in my new design i found that I was not able to resize it. Is that possible? I’m planning to use it as the main banner on my next design for http://www.elefun.no .

With this fixed size I’m not able to use it. If I may resize it, It would be usable.

My final question, would it be possible to make a dynamic banner-rotator? A rotator that would change size following the browser window size. If it’s possible it would be great. Maybe I have to buy another bannersystem, but I’ll pay if possilbe. :)

I am looking at buying this item. I have a couple questions though. I am going to be loading this into a widget on a wordpress site. I want my client to be able to just upload new images to replace the old ones on an xml file. I also want the xml file to control the outgoing links and whether they open on a new page or not. Also, I want to have it set up to where when you first land on the site, a swf animation is played and then the slideshow starts. I am not very knowledgable about flash. Please let me know if at all, if this is possible. Thank You!!!

v666lad Purchased

Hi, I just played around trying to set up the banner, but when changing the size for banners that are 700 pixels wide and 150 pixels high, I run into problems. The banner images are displayed not in the centre, but a half way up and to the right, so only a part of the image can be seen. Also, the navigation becomes out of view. I have changed the width and height elements in the preview.html file…Please help

Hi there,

Just downloaded Banner 7 perfect for what I need, but I have a problem with the Headline in the XML text.

It views in the preview banner you guys enclose with the download but when I first open the file and make a new swf the headline doesn’t display, or infact any of the html formatting in the xml doesn’t show in my swf, bold, italics and read more.

Can you suggest a remedy. Thanks.