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XML Banner with animated texts V3

XML Banner with animated texts V3

XML Banner with animated texts V3 includes image transition and text effects this file combine:


  • Use it as a card, just change the background.
  • Ready to use (XML help included)
  • Ready to resize, just change the position, width and height.
  • Add messages as you want.
  • Add phrases as you want for each message.


Every image can have many messages and set:

  • The speed to show every char
  • The speed of text effect
  • The time to show the messages

For each phrase you can combine all this effects:

  • Position for phrase.
  • Font size.
  • Font color.
  • Easing.
    • None
    • Regular
    • Elastic
    • Bounce
    • Strong
    • Back
  • Synchronized movement enable/disable.
  • Blur filter.
  • Alpha animation.
  • Zoom in/out animation
  • Movement animation for letters
  • of course the messages

And url (optional).

All just in 27Kb including font


\\ Flash Poll is integrated with PHP and MySQL, but it can work with other languages and databases.

\\ XML Presentation Pack with images and text effects combine images transitions with text effects in one file.

\\ Flash Banner Rotator – XML/HTML/CSS lets you show your images with text (optional), and you can add links (optional) for every image

\\ \\ Charts Package V1 and Charts Package V2 have 16 animated charts (8 / each one) – full XML driven: Areas Chart, Growthing Bars Chart, Dropping Bars Chart, Lines Chart, Pie Chart, Points Chart, Growthing Stacked Bars Charts, Dropping Stacked Bars Chart, Doughnut Chart, Scattered Points Chart, Bubbles Chart, Stock Chart, Horizontal Bars Chart, Horizontal Stacked Bars Chart, Horizontal Bars Chart V2, Horizontal Bars Chart V3.

\\ XML Mask Transition Pack V2 with Texts / CSS is a collection of almost all my mask transition, it is complete XML driven, and now it supports HTML texts and CSS. And you can add your own shapes.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\