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XML Based Smart Product Viewer

XML Based Smart Product Viewer

XML Based Smart Product Viewer

  • Fully XML Driven Application
  • MultiCategory
  • Unique Design
  • Simple Management
  • Fully Detailed Documentation(.pdf and text available)
  • No actionscript needs

Main settings

  • swf or image support for mainbackground
  • menuSettings(color,alpha,width,height)
  • unlimited menuitem support

CategoryPage Settings

  • leftSideItem support(image or swf)
  • change sliding menu background image and content background image
  • slider lines and heads are changeable
  • unlimiteditem support to sliding menu
  • text settings support for content and item labels
  • hyperlink text support for content field

Detail page settings

  • bigImage settings support(x,y,width,height)
  • thumbmenu settings support(x,y,width,height)
  • background image support
  • title and content text support(x,y,width,height,alpha,color etc…)
  • add pdf document or not
  • pdf buttonsettings(x,y)