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inadub: That must be a flashden issue. The menu works fine in any browser. I have that same issue with other flashden items.

This menu doesn’t play well with other components. I’m finding that when it’s loaded into a site with other XML based objects like an MP3 player, image gallery, etc… it instantly breaks…

Any ideas on how to improve it’s ability to function well with other XML based components?

I would be happy to send my FLA to your email address so you can check it out.


There were naming conflicts… Just FYI … You might consider using more specific naming conventions for your variables ie:menu_leftMargin etc… it will be more compatible out of the box with a variety of components.


Hi love it so far. Very smooth.

I need to make the (sub) buttons 2 lines of text please. I would also like to link back to main timeline frame number/name or another MC, could you assist me please.


Can the colors and background be changed? Can the bounce be disabled? :)


JimTripp: Yes all of that can be changed along with disabling the bounce effect as well.

I’m having a problem with this in firefox. It works fine untill I introduce more actionscript. Even a simple tween with a stop(); is causing it to clog up. funnily enough there’s no problem at all in explorer. Any ideas?

podfile: Not sure other than the sharing of resources that would cause that problem. You might want to try and add timer.start(); at the start of the showDropDown function right before the timer.reset();

Hi, How do you disable the bounce effect in the AS? Thanks.

evogroup: You would just change all the tween properties from Bounce. to None.

Hi- Just purchased, would like the buttons to actually load other swf files inside my main movie instead of external html links. Is this possible? If so how?

Thank you – nice file. Shawna

SBee The answer to your question can be found on the first page of comments.http://spacelutions.com/web

For all future support or custom work, please visit my website and under the contact us menu item you can submit a ticket at Spacelutions


How we remove the bounce effect in this menu.

Thanks Sunil Kaplis

kaplisrinku To remove the bounce effect all you need to do is change the third property in the Tween function to None in the actionscript

I purchased this menu and it is very nice. I’m still learning ActionScript, but I’ve been able to make all the changes that I need, except that I cannot figure out how to change the location of the drop down menu. I know how to move the X and Y location (navBar.x = 400; navBar.y = 285;) of the main menu, but the sub nav doesn’t follow. How do I keep the sub nav under the main nav? Any help would be appreciated.