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This is a XML category image gallery with full size support. Featuring directional buttons and thumbnails for slide navigation. It can also be used as a slideshow. Customizations of categories, contents, color, size, and appearance can be done easily through XML. The gallery can be added as a full size browser gallery or as a specific panel size gallery to your html web page.


  • Support for multiple categories. Selected category can also be saved in a cookie.
  • Zoom in/out on the main image by mouse clicks. Once zoomed in, use the mouse cursor to pan the image.
  • Support for slideshow, able to set a different individual time delay for each image.
  • Able to load images in random or in normal order.
  • Number of thumbnails displayed at a time is adjusted automatically when window is resized.
  • The main directional buttons each contains a thumb image preview when mouse over.
  • Thumbnail tooltips available for caption text.
  • Can use the spacebar to play/pause slideshow and arrow keys for browsing and zoom in/out.
  • Mouse wheel supported for scrolling through thumbnails.
  • Thumb panel can be hidden/displayed.
  • Configurable size for content and thumbnails, including width, height, and margin.
  • Changeable color for user interface, including the background, control panel, buttons, preloader, text, and text panel.
  • Able to add unlimited number of image or SWF content.