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XML Christmas Card / Memo Game

XML Christmas Card / Memo Game

Simple Christmas greeting card and memorizing game with realistic effect of flipping cards. Find 9 pairs of Christmas cards to finish game and display Your greeting card. Cards, greeting message and logo appearance fully customizable via XML (external card faces, external postcard side, external logo, external music file). Few Christmas message decorations available. Enable help button for assistance in solving the game. All pictures in vector format and fully resizable.

I don’t own the song used in this file. To buy it, click here

XML settings:

  • edit greeting text – you can use html formating
  • enable or disable greeting glow effect
  • change greeting glow color, transparency and size
  • add custom link to your greeting message
  • enable or disable link glow effect
  • change link glow color, transparency and size
  • external music file
  • set music volume
  • enable or disable sound and flash effects
  • you can add your logo as external file
  • add logo background in any color or size
  • enable or disable solve button
  • 4 different decorations available for greeting message and logo


From now on, you can easily change cards face side and cards background (postcard) simply through XML. You’ll just need sliced images and that’s it.

New XML options

  • external card background (postcard side)
  • card face background color
  • card face background border (border thickness)
  • card face background border color
  • external card face (true, false)
  • external card face format (jpg images, or png images)

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