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Got your email. I will be responding to those shortly.

my fonts are not coming up when i change the css. any help is appericated.

Beautiful file. Very easy to use.

hi there,

could you please tell me how to align the news to the top, instead of center, as it does now?

You will need to make changes within the Actionscript. Email me if you need help.


Is there anyway on the News page to have the user click anywhere in a newsItem and have it go to the section if there’s one defined?

My customer doesn’t find it very user friendly to search for the button info on the far right of a newsItem when the entire newsitem shows highlighting and the mouse cursor changes to indicate selection or link.

The application is great by the way. It’s exceptionally easy to configure and very well developed.

Please contact me through my profile page for any custom work.

I dont see how I can change the font size of the menu on the left… Or anything of that menu. Please help. Thanks.

The menu is created by using a movieclip within the library. Press F11 to access it, and find an item called menu_button.