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hi lidian

it’s look a great banner but before i purchase it i like to know if it possible to make the movement of the pictures from Right to Left instead Left to Right


hi Lydian

sorry for the incorrect name typing before.

another question about rtl – ltr…

i notice that the Text BG color come with animation Left to Right.

it is possible to make it Right to left via the Xml File or the Fla file?

Regards zamir

hi lydian

i’ll try to change the font face to font ‘Arial’ in the main.fla file as you explain at the pdf guide file…

when its typing in english – everything is fine and correct

but when i’ll try to put some text in Hebrew letters – it’s not working and showing nothing.

i’m also waiting for your answer about the RTL – LTR issue that i write at the topic before…

if you wonder – we purchased this file – and i’m the graphic designer of the customer that purchased this file and i’m try to create for him this one…

please comment to this issues….

regards zamir


I just bought this banner flash and It’s great but I’m trying to change the slogens into hebrew and arab ones – no luck. Why is that? what should I do?

The Preloader ist not shown…. Sorry my AS3 knowledge ist too bad to fix this…..... Or ist this preferences thing…....


Dear Lydian.

Supports FlashVars (Use as many instances as you want with different XML files)

I have flash 8 so I wonder if I can edit this file with flash 8, ore can I edit the actionscript file seperatly.

I want to use it with diffrent xml files in more than one place in my website.

jplunk10 Purchased

Hi lydian

I love this file been playing about with it for a few days now! my as3 skills are pretty though, im using it for a clients advertising system which has a few limitations that I have had to overcome!

The first main being that i can only use upload a swf file only! Is it ther for possible to link the xml via url? ie i have the xml and images stored on a server somwhere and then link to it, this means that i would only have to upload the swf to the add server, it would find the xml and images on a different server and work.

Ive also had to add clicktags instead of urls, i did this on the fly with a big button over the movie as i only need one link, is it possible to do click tags in teh xml? thats not to simportant, the first external xml is

any help would be great!

I also tried loading the movie throuh a external preloader but papervision messed up with stage size resizing, so thats not been an option so far.



jplunk10 Purchased

Infact I worked out how to teh do the external xml, still having issues though :*( it doesnt animate cdorrectly in firefox and ie, but does when i preview it from flash. and the click tag thing tat i thought i had fixed is still not working. its just because its going into an advert managment system, getting nowhere

goemo Purchased


same “double digits” (all after “9”) problem as another user! I have wrote you a mail, but without getting a reply until now. It is very very important for me that you solve this problem, otherwise i can’t use your rotator.

Described feature: Supports an unlimited number of banners. (Add as many as you want)

Hmmm, but without correct pagination?!? ...



Perhaps you can help me with this, The xml file is not loading in wordpress, should I change something in the class XMLLoader? For example: // The url of the xml file added private var url:String =”/wp-content/themes/ecstheme/images/stage/xml/main.xml”;


Hello, Nevermind about my last comment I found the answer, has to do with wp, here is the solution http://wordpress.org/support/topic/flash-xml-loading-problem-due-to-permalinks


goemo Purchased


could you please fix the ““double digits (all after “9”)” bug!

So far no one has contacted me and the bug isn’t solved after almost one year! If you are not able to solve this problem, take care about so that I will get my money back! I will also contact the envato support. :reallyevil: Disgrace!!!

Hello, I’d like to know if this flash has support for special characters, like: á é ç.

PV Purchased

Great work Lydian!

I’ve created a series of Flash animations to be displayed using this banner rotator and one of the issues I’m experiencing is that if any object is either above or to the left of the stage, when the animation is played in the banner rotator, either the left hand edge, or the top edge of the object (which would normally be masked so that it doesn’t display immediately) becomes the leftmost visible object and the rest of the stage moves relative to that object’s position.

Is there a work-around for this? Any help greatly appreciated.

(I’m restricting my animations to not include objects either above or to the left of the stage as a temporary work-around.)

Kind regards, Paul.

Hello You can add images where you is the text?