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XML Driven Horizontal Image Scroller

XML Driven Horizontal Image Scroller

We’ve released a jQuery carousel plugin! Here are some screenshots;

From my portfolio:

New update includes hi-resolution zoom, gradient effect, auto scroll. Please download the file again and update your projects.

XML Driven Horizontal Image Scroller (XML / AS3)
This flash component displays a series of images in a slide show form with a nice zoom in/out and reflection effects. All configuration and image data are read from external xml files. You can add unlimited number of images just by editing the data.xml file. It’s written entirely in AS3 and can be easily integrated in other projects.

Main Features:

  • Supports unlimited number of images (Add as many as you want)
  • Can dynamically display PNG, JPG and GIF files.
  • Can display images with different widths.
  • High resolution zoom without pixelation
  • Supports auto-scrolling (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • Gradient mask effect (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • Separate configuration and data files (All xml based)
  • Add URL links to images
  • Everything is quite configurable (Reflection, space between images, speed etc.)
  • Reflection effect (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • Zoom in/out effects (Fully configurable)
  • Display titles under each image (Can be enabled / disabled)
  • Developed using object-oriented methods.
  • Displays a preloader for each image during loading process
  • Images can be any size (but it looks better if they have the same size)
  • Clean and commented code
  • Help file included

You will get :

  • Example fla files
  • Source code
  • Help file
  • Sample images and xml files.

XML Driven Horizontal Image Scroller

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