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xml driven image slideshow

xml driven image slideshow

Here is a slide show for your site. You can customize

1. the image names and the type of image in xml file

2. icon image sizes you can set in the code

3. you can put as many as images you can

4. the number of icons in one line can be set in the code see the hint comments added

5. you can resize this but need to update the mask size and the scroller size

6. simple and easy to use code and customizable as well reusable

7. image sizes are 600×300px I have used but you can customize the complete look

8. the icon image sizes are 150×100px, this is resized from the original image, so no need of creating icons separately

9. scroll bar and mouse scroller events are in the same actionscript code commented properly

10. layers are named properly.

11. the functions of generating the image icon preview and resizing them are inside the “movie” movieclip

12. loading ss.xml into the movie for only the image names

13. Code is having full of hints how to modify

14. file size is very small for fast loading

15. the loading of icons may take a bit time but once they are loaded then no need to wait for loading the large images as I am using the same images as icons too

16. Support is available to you all the time Please contact me as you get any problem

Thank you