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hey There, Just a quick question, How tough would it be to get this to play random xml nodes? Please,and Thanks B

hi there, thanks for this amazing player, i just wanna ask something, can it play an .asx files ? for streaming… or ip adress like this “http://67.32….232:8030.mp3” ?

waiting asap…

Hi – I would like the instructions to stop the autoplay as well.


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Great Player! Perfect!

I need to stop autoplay, too.

Thxx in advance, schinkes

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Sorry to bug you with such a trivial problem here. The player is working beautifully locally, but when I upload it, it doesn’t work. The player loads, and it clearly finds the songs.xml file, but no audio plays, and it has a 00:00 for play length. The files are identical to the ones local, so I am certain at least that part is right.

Is there something I need to do to make it work on the web server, or is it possible that I have a security/permissions problem?

Here is a sample url:


The XML is:


The audio is:


Thanks so much for any assistance!

How is the logo placed on this player? Thru the XML File? ... I hope! Please let me know.

This worked perfect for me. Was able to modify very easy.


Thanks 5 stars

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i can get the player to load but i cant the xml to load it keeps saying undefined


Very interested in this.

Quick Question!

Can I use this in WordPress 3.0? will it be hard? Easy? to fit it in and use it??

Pls let me know

Thanks a lot

Keep up the great work


Need to turn off the auto start, thank you ~

Hello, How do you turn off the Auto Start? Is there an option?