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xml driven web 2.0 template sample

xml driven web 2.0 template sample

a simple web 2.0 web template for your reference, which you can use as a complete website or a part of the website.

1. xml driven horizontal menu which can be customizable from the ss.xml itself

2. date and time displayed from the clock movieclip

3. loading images from outside from the xml reference

4. you can use png images without background and web 2.0 look

5. one can visit the current area of interest which he is now seeing on flash item

6. scrollable description for all tabs and selectable text

7. mouse scroller enabled for the text description

8. reusable in any application simply by drag and drop to your project

9. easy code editing, code is inside the movieclip on actions frame

10. small size for fast loading

11. to add one more button you need to create one more node in xml. that it

Enjoy the power

Thank you

This is satya ( flash developer ).

Here is a powerful flash item which makes easy to handle the navigation of your website. This is a dynamic item which is xml driven and images are loaded from external source. This can be used for any kind of sites. The complete design is in flash and its resizable. But during resize you should take care of the image sizes also.

This can be used for loading mp3s and video files as well by putting the playback component. You can combine images, mp3s and videos too.

You can customize the links from the navigation buttons directly or an aditional button >> for visit.

it can be used as a component in flash by creating the component file from flash library as this is completley dependent on xml file. customize the xml file and have fun.

Good application, try and have great application.

Thank you satya