XML Easing Template V1 - ActiveDen Item for Sale

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Simply AS2 + Flash8! Only 91kb!

More help in ActionScript!

Layered Items (Actions,Items)

Separate “as” library! These files driven: - Tween Class - Showcase Config - XML loading - Scrollbar Tween and Speed

Include files: - main.fla - main.swf - welcome.xml - whatwedo.xml - showcase.xml - news.xml - logo.xml - style.css - sendmail.php - index.html - non standard free pixel font


- Minimal Design! - XML database - ACTIONSCRIPT driven animations! - Easing Tween Classes! - Reset ScrollBar position manual - CDATA – HTML Tags Handle! - Image and SWF Handle! - Easing Scroll - Rollover Sound! - AutoPlay Showcase Section! - News Section! - Unlimited Items! - Contact Form!

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