XML File List with Search V2

As many users requested XML File List with Search with the thumbnails, So here it is the version 2 of XML File List with Search with new features.

File list V2 is an application for listing files. This application fully XML Driven.

Updates: 04 AUG 2010: Improved Search Result


  • XML Driven.
  • Unlimited Items can be displayed.
  • Thumbnail Image for each listing
  • Details page image.
  • More info button to display full details.
  • CSS / HTML formatted text.
  • Download button. If you don’t have it will be disabled automatically.
  • Search Facility
  • Can be search whole text. Optional
  • Shows number of results found.
  • You can specify how many rows you want to display each page
  • Nice pagination based on search result.
  • Great Look
  • 100% Vector you can Customize.
  • Only 20KB! :)
  • Help file inclued.

Keywords: File Directory, File List, Search Items, Thumb list

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