Xml Full Screen 360 Thumb Circle Gallery

A full screen 360 Thumb Circle Gallery, with more then 17 Xml parameters
The front image will not leave the stage until the next image is loaded.
Css base ,fully edit with Xml .
Vary light Gallery only 11 Kb size
No need to edit the Fla or to know Action Script
You can have unlimited thumb’s the circle will adjust automatically base on the thumb amount, but the circle size is determent by you on the XML


  • Thumb Frame Size
  • Thumb Frame Color .
  • Start Thumb Scale Size .
  • Thumb visibility .
  • Thumb Circle Size .
  • Transition Fade Time .
  • Photo Delay .
  • Black & White will shift all your images to Black&White base on matrix .
  • Auto Start yes/no.
  • Show Elements yes/no.
  • Preload Bar Show yes/no.
  • Preload Bar color .
  • Preload Bar Glow color
  • Icon Color
  • Icon click Color
  • button color
  • Background color for button and text with glossy look support
  • Html help file .
  • Enjoy