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XML Fullscreen Web Template

XML Fullscreen Web Template

This website template is fully resizable, customizable in the xml, and is only 23kb! You never even need to touch your flash file.

You can customize:
  • All colors
  • Size of thumbs, buttons, content, etc.
  • Images and thumbnails
  • Captions
  • Page layouts
  • Externally loaded swfs
  • Contact email
  • All text
  • Music
  • Autoplay music
  • Logo

The rollover gallery menu on top hides when you are not using it, scrolls right and left if there are too many to fit, and has a thumbnail show up on rollover. Each image is associated with a caption that shows up on rollover. There are also next and back buttons that hide when they are on the first or last image. There is even a button that makes this template fullscreen.

The content pages have four different page types that can be specified in the xml including:
  • Text only
  • Image right, text left
  • Image left, text right
  • Contact
  • Image or external SWF only
You can have as many pages of each page type as you like. If you want to use your logo you just replace my logo. If not, just say so in the xml. You can use html text in your content, including images and links.

The contact page is a working php contact system that uses phpMail. You can set your colors, text, and recipient email in your xml.

The music player has an on/off button and volume slider. If you don’t want music just change one variable in the xml. You can also set it to autoplay or wait until the play button is clicked.

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