XML fully resizable&conf. thumbnail slider/rotator

This is a fully xml driven thumbnail slider/rotator. It can be used in multiple ways:

  • drag-and-drop into your scene
  • creating new instance from code like: var imgViewer:ImageViewer = new ImageViewer();
  • embedding it into html sites

Main features:
  • xml-driven
  • resizable
  • configurable (from xml and runtime too)
  • very lightweight – only 11KB
  • auto slideshow (configurable direction and time interval)
  • configurable click-image action: bring image in the center or open a link
  • clicking the centered image opens a link
  • multicolor
  • unlimited number of images
  • reflections (on/off)
Update 1 – updated in 28 January 2010: added the possibility to configure the action of clicking an image (bring it in the center or open a link) and the sliding delay was removed

If you need help or you have questions just contact me and I will gladly help you. ;)