XML Gallery with Thumbnail Scroller v.2

Features of this Gallery:
  • Ability to add as many image as you wish
  • Automatic loading image (from XML)
  • Responsive image scroller
  • Image title for every thumbnail
  • Progress bar for every thumbnail and full image
  • Auto resize thumbnail and full image (default optimal size 120×90 for thumb and 640×480 for full image)
  • Ability to easy replace scroller and full image on the scene
  • Representation image title and description (from XML) above full image
  • You can easily change many parameters in script such as full
  • image size, thumbnail size, color and size of titles and descriptions etc.
  • Script are commented.
    A XML file a rather simple. It does contain:
  • src – thumbnail address
  • url – full image address
  • title – image title
  • discription – image description

For correct playing Caurina Tweener is necessary. You can download it here.