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XML Horizontal Image Gallery

XML Horizontal Image Gallery



This is a horizontal XML image gallery featuring a scroll bar and directional buttons for slide navigation.
It allows you to load either images or external SWF files for slides and thumbnails. Customizations of content, color, size, and appearance can be done easily through XML. It can be used as a standalone gallery in your html site or embedded into your existing flash file.


  • Configurable size for slide and thumbnails, including width, height, and margin.
  • Adjustable number of thumbnails displayed at a time.
  • Able to add unlimited number of image or SWF content.
  • Easy navigation control by directional buttons, scroll bar thumb, or clicking of the scroll bar track.
  • Able to add a link and target for each slide.
  • Configurable text for each slide. Can be displayed either on mouse over or permanently.
  • Loaded image and SWF content are cached, without the need for reloading when clicking on slide again.
  • Changeable color for user interface, including the background, control panel, preloader, text, and text panel.

Updates on 7/27/2009:

  • Added auto disabling of directional buttons when beginning or end is reached.
  • Added configurable shaped directional buttons for main image.
  • Added option to add/remove scrollbar.
  • Added option to add/remove directional buttons for main image.
  • Added configurable text margin around text panel.

Updates on 6/24/2009:

  • Added mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Bug fix for image caching.