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xml & html driven web 2.0 web template

xml & html driven web 2.0 web template

1. Fully validated contact form

2. Fully XML and HTML driven

3. loading different XML files at the same place by clicking different buttons

4. name of the images are from XML

5. all are static text fields, only the colors set in flash

6. features and recent news sections are from HTML for SEO

7. PHP for contact form is included

8. PSD file for the background image included for modifications

9. scrollbars are flash default to reduce file size

10. all the text is from XML and customizable

11. maximum code is in one place (buttons contain code for events)

12. only one button is used everywhere with different action

13. the images are loaded fast as the loading of second image starts with the first. Only for the first time the loading of images will take bit time

14. + more is not functioning ( it is for your extra usage purpose, you can do what ever you like with it)

15. Recent news section is loaded from HTML with links in HTML)

16. services have a link to open a popup window in flash which is loaded from another swf file, that again loads a HTML file.

17. A powerful customizable xml and html driven site for any kind of site

18. PSD helps in changing colors as per your requirement

19. Here in Demo PHP will not work as Flash Den is not using PHP server

20. Help will be available from my side ( please mail me from flash den).

21. for the htmls loaded from external you should give the html file path inside the code for the buttons

22. you can use images in html and align them left or right