XML Image slider that loads images and display the gallery nicely with a draggable slider and prev/next button.

All dynamic, images loaded from a xml, add or remove them easily.


Files updated now the package includes two versions:

Normal, First version with some issues worked out. You can:

  • Add captions.
  • Add description.
  • Show or hide the image info automatically.
  • Option to bigger version images when a image it’s clicked.

Fullscreen, similar functionality with the images taking all the screen with.

  • No restriction on image height, images autosized to center.
  • Option to show/hide the gallery info.
  • Fullscreen option, the images will adapt to the screen height keeping the same functionallity of the scroller.
  • Check a demo of the fullscreen version here .

Note: the v2 sliders both normall and full use Tweenlite now, easier and better.