XML iPhone Simulator is an xml-based template ( 320×480 ) all data can be replaced from one single xml file, build a creative showcase, portfolio, image-gallery or simulate your app ( a way for testing apps at running time ). This template can be used with any project or stand alone template.

If you know some coding with flash, glad to tell you that this template is made from ActionScript 2.0, very clean and easy to modify, no hidden stuff, none complicated vars.

Please check what kind of data you can edit form the xml file, see the fullscreen preview second, test the template all the way before purchasing.

And I would be happy to asset you all the way before and after the purchasing, just contact me through my profile page and your inquiry will be vanished.

What you can edit through XML:

  • Lock screen wallpaper
  • Custom slide to unlock text
  • Use any MP3 file for the unlock sound
  • Put your own mobile carrier
  • Use JPG or PNG app icons ( up to 2 pages x 16 icons per page )
  • targeting the app ( url ) swf / jpg
  • Home screen wallpaper
  • Set up app orientation: vertical & horizontal.
  • Set up gadgets: up to three digits
  • Set up top bar behaviour: blue or transparent black


  • External photo app included ( full xml-based ) fla to purchased separately
  • External note app included ( full xml-based ) fla to purchased separately
  • External calendar app included ( full xml-based ) fla to purchased separately
  • Load any icon app kind: png, jpg or swf ( fla & psd icon template included )
  • Target apps: load any swf you made or just use a single jpg file ( fla & psd included )
  • Dock support 4 icons or 3 or 2 or 1, icons aligned to center automatically
  • Embedded functions for external apps to hide top bar and show it again ( demo & fla included )
  • Notification center: simple movie clip slides from the top put welcome text, about or contact info
  • Support two orientation vertical & horizontal
  • App gadgets
  • Use animated app icons