This is a clean and good looking xml image gallery with cool transition effect.

We can control the look and behavior of the gallery using the attributes given below, via xml.
1. transitionspeed – default(10) – transition speed for the layer animation
2. textspeed – default(10) – text fade in and fade out speed
3. showdelay – default(100) – delay in showing each next image
4. layers – default(7) – no. of layers to be used in animation
5. thumbsize – default(40) – thumbnail size, is always a square
6. appearspeed – default(3) – the speed with which the text and thumbnails appear when auto hide is enabled
7. scrollspeed – default(3) – scrolling speed for thumbnails on mouse move
8. autohidetext – default(true) – set whether text should be automatically hidden when mouse is taken out
9. autohidethumbs– default(true) – set whether thumbnails should be automatically hidden when mouse is taken out

The gallery is fully re sizable. Please use the 4 top right buttons on the preview file to check. I have included the preview files too, if someone needs to see that.
You can adjust the size in 3 ways.
1. We can specify in the action script. galleryname.width = 500; galleryname.height=400;
2. We can re size the flash movie’s Stage dimensions. The gallery will adjust itself according to the Stage.
3. We can specify the dimensions via html object. The gallery will adjust accordingly.

The attributes can be either specified via xml or given directly in the action script. I have included the preview files for reference.